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Root Canal Therapy

With modern technology and dental techniques, your root canal therapy should cause no more discomfort than that of a regular filling…

Root canal therapy is used as a last resort before the extraction of a tooth. When a tooth became infected traditionally it would need to be extracted, however with modern technology and advancements in dental care, at Teeth@Mittagong we are able to save your tooth with the help of a root canal.

What does a root canal treatment involve?

When a tooth is infected, it is important to remove the soft tissue inside the tooth (also known as the ‘pulp’) before the infection spreads. By utilising root canal therapy, we are able to effectively clean out the infected or decayed tissue inside the tooth, and if necessary restore its strength with a dental crown. By doing this we are not only able to save your tooth from extraction, we also remove all infected tissue and ensure your tooth’s structural integrity with a dental crown.

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